Rocky Broadhead Logo Hoodie

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You will appreciate the fact that Rocky utilized polyester performance fabric to assemble this Rocky Athletic Mobility Level 2 Hoodie. It is a very quiet material that allows you to move around comfortably. Its ability to retain warmth is great, because it helps you to stay warm even when you are positioned in chillier settings. The open pockets on the front of the sweatshirt provide you with a place to rest your hands. The hood will shield your head from being fully exposed to weather conditions and it can be loosened or tightened by adjusting the drawstrings.

The R.A.M logo looks vivid on the front of this hoodie and adds a great deal of visual interest; having this prevents this apparel from looking like a run-of-the-mill garment. Since you generally like for your camo to match from top to bottom, Rocky allows you to select from a variety of camouflages; they all look astoundingly lifelike!

One of the greatest aspects that comes along with wearing moisture-wicking performance fabric is that you are able to fully engage in outdoor activities and won't end up being drenched in perspiration by the time you return home. Taking into consideration that you might end up wearing this as hunting apparel, this men's hoodie was treated with Rocky SIQ AtomicTM; it is an extraordinarily-strong scent control that blocks your scent from being released and stops perspiration from building up underneath of this apparel.

A comfortable, moisture-wicking hoodie that will block your scent and has a cool-looking design... You will always benefit from having such a garment in your closet. So, go ahead and order this #600383 Rocky Athletic Mobility Level 2 Hoodie today!

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